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Bicycling and electric two–wheeled vehicles are the fastest growing modes of transportation on earth.  Yet, fear of theft and collision are its greatest barriers to adoption.  In partnership with with Scoot, Laika is a community–based  insurance company that protects both cyclists and electric riders in San Francisco, New York, and other major urban centers, so that we can ride and park with confidence, and continue to innovate in the mobility space.

Creative Direction

Visual Design

Laika - keep your shit
Laika sketchbook


With the adoption and expansion of bike lanes and proliferation of electric tech, more and more Americans are getting around on two wheels.  But, what keeps the USA's 100-million commuting bicyclists from approaching something like China's 450-million riders? 


Theft, and collisions–fear.  The feeling that it's you and you alone out there on the road.  That it's your bike and the money you have tied up in it at risk any time it's out of your sight. 


Laika crowdfunds bicycle insurance, creating a sense of community protection.  Everyone shares in the accountability, and the security. 


So, what kind of ID system imparts the feeling of protection?  Asa very fast turnaround brand study, I turned to very simple type, and the always-recognizable loyal guard dog as iconography.

LAIKIA macbook Pro
Laika web mockup
Laika typography
Laika on iphone
Laika wallpaper
Laika Letterpress business cards
Laika helmet
Laika on Ad Van
Laika Hoodie
Laika Posters

Spoiling the Fun


Bike theft may seem like petty street crime, but it’s actually a humming illegal industry in major cities.  Thieves steal nearly $50 million worth of bikes each year in the United States, far outstripping bank robberies. 


In San Francisco’s rich bicycling culture, fascinating shifts in mobility and its economies are truncated by thieves who have found a gold mine.  About 1,000 bikes are reported stolen in the city each year, but the police say the actual number is probably closer to 2,000 or 3,000.

Everybody likes the idea of riding a bike to work, shrinking their footprint, and being free of automobiles.  But, unless we can protect our assets ("Keep Your Shit") and feel safe on the road ("Stay in the Saddle"), these lifestyle changes won't permeate the culture, change the faces of our cities, and resuscitate the momentum of city life. 


Laika offers to put needed protections and accountability in the hands of the consumer leaning on the brand pillar that change is something we make, not something we wait for.

“Bikes are one of the four commodities of the street — cash, drugs, sex, and bikes..."


—Victor Veysey, San Francisco Bike Messenger


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