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NIKE 2020


Brand Experience concepts for Nike 2020 customer experience initiative, and 2021 Tokyo Olympics presence.  This initiative is all about the future of in–store and on–device interaction for tomorrow's Nike customers, and how they can interact with the brand at global events.

Art Direction

Visual Design

ID extension

NIKE 2020 book
NIKE assets
NIKE Tokyo cinema
NIKE Tokyo 2020 Olympics concept watch



The key to this brand experience project is the custom typeface.  This type is a variant on Oslo, a new typeface created for a Nike Concept Store in Oslo. 


I wanted to look at how far we could stretch the company's familiar collateral to tell new stories in new ways, support new in–store experiences, and speak to entirely new customers. 


I wanted a visual language that would allow us to position Nike as a sponsor of a major global event, specifically the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 


This format provided some great design challenges and encouraged me to be more playful and experimental to suit the unique Japanese aesthetic that often takes more chances in an effort to be more human. 

In the process of exploring supporting elements, I ended up with my own logo submission for the 2020 Olympics.  I find that most Olympic ID systems are highly financialized, with a standard of commercial legibility that often keeps them from being fun. 


In having personal experiences in Japan myself, I felt obligated to create something more open to interpretation, emotional, and mysterious.

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