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SYPartners helps leaders make their teams and their organizations into the best they can be. 


I worked with SYP on transformation projects for The Danish Technical Institute, Kaiser, NetApp, and Nike.  These projects took various forms: tools, games, editorials, playbooks, and digital experiences of all kinds. 


It all comes down to designing experiences that will bring about new thought and innovation.  Not only do I thrive in the diversity of needs, solutions, and form–factors, but I truly believe that by fighting for greatness in these organizations one at a time, we can have a positive net effect on the way we do business at large. 


As a designer, I believe that experience-design and collaboration are the vehicles for this change.

​Creative Direction


SYP booklet design
SYP booklet inside designs
SYP visual design
SYP values and culture
SYP visual design for book



I was the Sr. Visual designer for an "innovation–sprint" workshop created for DTI to help structure collaboration and bring about new ways of thinking and working in their pilot team. 

Collaboration is not second nature.  The idea is to get people out of their comfort zones and get them thinking, and that requires structure. 


By clarifying good mindsets and practices going in, and a mixed bag of methods throughout, we can help teams gain insights, and create fresh solutions.

"Collaboration is not second nature.  The idea is to get people out of their comfort zones and get them thinking...and that requires structure."

SYP visual design
Net App data posters
SYP visual design
NetApp visual design for book
Nett App
NetApp book



In a similar innovation sprint workshop with NetApp, we used bold data points to carry our themes and set the cadence for this playbook and the session.

SYP posters


I created these illustrations to work with Susan Schumann's SYP article, "How we define purpose, vision, and strategy”.  We often create leave–behinds for clients which often leave the most lasting impression of what we can do.  Sometimes people just need simple visual reminders to help them unpack powerful ideas. 

SYP purpose, vision, strategy


I have always considered myself a highly collaborative designer, and held partnership in the highest regard.  At SYPartners, this dynamic is at the core of all the work, and comes before any individual expertise. 


I feel strongly that project success arises from the direct and consistent partnership of design, strategy, and stakeholder, and the ability of each role to experience the other. 


Just as the designer is asked to share the stakeholder's point of view and articulate it through execution, so should the stakeholder be given the tools to understand the design perspective, and benefit from the process. 


The more transparency we have in both directions, the more sincere and effective the work.

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